Guide to Wedding Insurance
Wedding Insurance

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Guide Contents

What is wedding insurance?
What is wedding insurance cover?
Shopping around for the best wedding insurance
UK Wedding insurance FAQ
More help on wedding insurance

What is Wedding Insurance?

An survey showed that 80% of women wanted their big day to be like a celebrity wedding! This means wedding insurance could be a wise decision.

With the average UK wedding reaching a staggering £20,000 it's no wonder that wedding insurance is becoming increasingly popular!

According to ‘You and Your Wedding magazine’ it is common to spend over £3000 on the honeymoon, over £800 on the photographer and over £300 on transport.

Wedding insurance can cover the cost of things such as the wedding attire in case of damage, the whole day in case of illness or bereavement of the immediate family, or cancellation of the entire day.

The cost of the insurance can be anywhere from £20 and spiraling into hundreds of pounds, depending on the cover required.

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