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Travel Insurance

The different types of holiday insurance

People take trips for different reasons, holidays, sport, business or just the occasional weekend away.

Holiday insurance is available for each of these and although it is not a legal requirement it would be very foolish not to consider it.

Type of Travel Insurance Comments
Single Trip This is designed for people who are only going away for a single trip in a 12 month period. A single trip is usually classed as being less than 90 consecutive days. You may have some restrictions on the activities you are insured for, ie water sports, ab-sailing etc.
Multi Trip Also known as Annual Travel Insurance. Generally it is two and a half times more expensive than Single Trip insurance so it is ideal if you take lots of weekend breaks or holiday a couple of times a year. Once you have paid your premium you can then holiday as many times as you like within that 12 month period. Insurance companies will often specify that each holiday or trip is less than a given time period, commonly 90 days. You may also have some restrictions on the activities that you are insured for.
Worldwide Also known as Backpackers Insurance. This policy provides cover for an indefinite amount of time. Some insurers like to know which countries you intend to visit, due to different countries posing different health risks.
Group This insurance is aimed at people travelling to and from a destination at the same time ie a school trip, large group of friends, work groups etc. A common discount would be where there are 10 people travelling, you would pay for 9 and get 1 free.
Family Differs from Group insurance as the family members are required to have the same fixed abode. Often Insurers will allow discount for the children or even offer free insurance for children under a specified age.
Business Insurance Sometimes when travelling on business, you will not be going to the normal tourist resorts, where support services are readily available. This means that you may not be going to areas of a country where a prospective insurer has control. Business insurance is usually tailored to take account of this extra risk.
Ski / Hazardous / Extreme sports Travel Insurance Premiums on this type of insurance are bound to be higher than that of a basic holiday insurance premium, for obvious reasons. With specific sports such as skiing, the cover often includes equipment and passes.
Golf Holiday Insurance Although this sport is not what you would class as being 'Hazardous', it does have its own insurance category. This is mainly due to the expense of the Golf clubs, which are often left unattended whilst playing, and are therefore classed as a high risk to insurers.
European Travel Insurance It is possible to get cheaper premiums by stating that you are going to be visiting a European country, reasons for this being that it is far cheaper to fly an injured person back to the UK from Europe as opposed to New Zealand. If you are travelling to Europe you should also apply for a EHIC, formerly known as E111.
EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) : Is a free card that every person over the age of 16 years should have whenever travelling within Europe.

The EHIC will enable you to get assistance if you become ill or suffer from an accident whilst in an EC country. You will receive care to the same standard and for the same cost as those who live in that country.

Sometimes the care will be free or you may have to make a contribution.

The care will not always be to the same standard you may expect to receive in the UK.

EHIC does not provide insurance cover for your belongings or cancellation of your trip, it is therefore wise to have an EHIC as well as your own additional travel insurance.

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