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What does travel insurance cover?

When shopping around, it is important that you are aware of what cover you are getting for your money. If you look at the details on travel insurance cover policies, you will notice that you are covered for many kinds of eventualities. It's worth looking at some of these to explain what they are and what they mean.

Personal Luggage - this covers your property that you take away with you. Insurers want to encourage you not to take too many expensive valuables away with you - so they have imposed a total limit for the policy and a limit for single articles.

Loss of Passport or Driving License - If this happens, you may incur some expenses replacing them, as you will have to travel to the British embassy for instance to replace your passport and may need to pay to have your license replaced as quickly as you need.

Personal Money - there will again be a limit on this - especially as its hard to prove you had the money in the first place.

Medical Expenses - this is going to be the largest amount of cover that you need, because of how much things can add up. You will need to be covered for rescue if needed, treatment, repatriation, dental treatment, flying out a friend or relative, the charges for the loss of an excursion, and maybe even funeral expenses.

Medical Inconvenience Benefit - if you are in hospital whilst on holiday, you are unlikely to be enjoying your holiday, so you can get a small amount for each day you are in hospital for the inconvenience.

Personal Accident - you get cover for the effects of permanent disablement caused by an accident, although you may need further disability insurance with it. You should also get cover for accidental death.

Personal Public Liability - after medical expenses, one of the largest liabilities you could ever have is the legal liability to other members of the public. Should you injure them or cause damage to them or their property, the liability could be endless.

Cancellation or Curtailment - Should you need to cancel your holiday for reasons such as illness, death, redundancy or jury service then you can get cover up to a certain limit for cancellation costs and loss of holiday.

Missed Departure - should you miss your departure, whether it be outward or inward you may need to pay for some additional accommodation or transport.

Common exclusions to be aware of: some travel policies don't cover you for drink / drug related incidents or terrorist related incidents.

Delayed Luggage - you can get cover for the effect of your luggage being delayed for a certain amount of time - normally 12 hours.

Travel Delay - Should your departure, outward or inward, be delayed for an amount of time, probably about 12 hours, you should be covered for a small amount of money.

Legal Expenses - these can mount up so you need cover for them.

Hijack - you get a certain amount per day of a hijack.

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