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Like every type of insurance, it is very important that you familiarise yourself with the travel insurance claims procedure of your travel insurance provider. This is particularly important for travel insurance as in a medical emergency, you'll find that treatment will not actually occur until the doctor or the hospital has received payment, so you'll need your insurer to provide at the very least a 24 hour claim line for use if in need of a claim.

This 24-hour claim line needs to be international as well, to make sure that you are not restricted in your cover by the time or place. They should also be knowledgeable about the place where you are going or where you are, so that they can help you immediately.

In the event of claim, you should endeavour to contact your UK travel insurance company as soon as you possibly can. They should be able to offer advice to you, and can direct you as to what to do. Do not take any action that involves money that you expect to claim back (such as signing that you can pay for medical treatment or replacing a stolen item), until you have spoken to your insurer. They may have special requirements, or particular people they deal with in your location. This, of course does not apply if it is a matter of life or death, and you need treatment immediately.

Think also, before you make a claim, about two claim-related issues. One is the excess on your policy, and the other is your claims record.

Your excess is the amount of money that you have to pay towards a claim before your insurance company will stump up for the rest of the bill. Some travel insurance companies will make an excess obligatory, some not. Some will charge a higher excess in return for lowering your travel insurance premiums, some just do it to control their risks. You should be aware of your personal excess level, as it could be an influence on your claim decision.

If you are making a claim due to theft, you will need to have reported it to the local police and have a case number to quote.

Should you have only £100 worth of luggage stolen you may decide that it would be better not to claim, so that you can remain claim-free on your record. This blemish-free record helps to keep your premiums low, so you should always think carefully about any claim you make, particularly if its small, before making it.

You will be issued with a claims form, which you should fill in accurately and as quickly as possible, enclosing invoices, receipts or tickets, which you must have kept, in order to make sure your claim is paid.

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