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Shopping around for cheap travel insurance

There are vast amounts of companies offering cheap Travel Insurance, from the company you book your holiday with right through to large supermarkets! Because of the amount of competition, you should take advantage of this and shop around to get the best policy at the best price.

It is worth looking on the High Street:

  • Banks and Building Societies offer travel insurance, along with travel agents and the Post Office
  • Yellow pages: many insurance companies will be able to complete the application over the telephone
  • Internet: you are highly likely to find cheap travel insurance here as companies often offer a discount for booking online

Your premiums are determined by many factors, a few are listed below.

Specifics Comments
Age The older you are the higher the risk the insurance companies perceive you to be. Age restriction can be set as low as 65years, however there are specialist insurers such as Help the Aged and Age Concern.
Destination Generally the further away you travel the more expensive the premiums will be. This also applies to visiting more obscure countries, where the health facilities may not be readily available.
Activities If you are not planning on taking part in hazardous activities don't include them in your insurance. They will increase your premium as you are more at risk of needing medical attention.
Personal affects If you are taking any personal belongings which are particularly valuable, they should be mentioned to your insurer. This may increase your premium.
Pre-exisiting Health conditions All existing and pre-existing health conditions MUST be mentioned. They may or may not increase your premiums, but any false or inaccurate information will make your insurance cover void.
As with most insurances, the more excess you agree to pay, the less you will have to pay on your premium.

It is important that you declare all relevant information to ensure that you get a policy that is going to give the cover that you need.

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What is Travel Insurance?
The different types of holiday insurance
What does travel insurance cover?
Shopping Around for cheap travel insurance
UK Travel insurance application
Travel Insurance Claims
Travel Insurance Help - FAQs on holiday insurance
Where to get more travel insurance help

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