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Guide to Savings Accounts

Notice Account

For anyone who has a lump sum of money and can afford to invest it without the need to access it for a set period of time, this account type should definitely be considered.  The initial deposit is around £500 for most accounts although there are a few accounts which allow a minimum deposit of £1.

They often pay more interest than a standard savings account and the funds are accessible but a notice of the agreed period must be given first, usually 30 days, 60 days,or 120 days. These savings accounts offer a good rate of interest without tying funds up for too long.

The interest payable on these accounts vary but in generally is around 2.5-2.9% (AER). This is also subject to tax.

If you think that there is a possibility of needing the funds then this may not be the most suitable option for you.

Notice accounts are widely available on the high street, online or via telephone banking.

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Guide Contents

Why Save?
Tips to help you start saving
The different types of savings accounts
Instant Access
Regular Savings Account
Notice Accounts
Affinity Savings Accounts
Ethical Savings Accounts and Charity Savings Accounts
Cash ISA's
National Savings & Investments
Children's Savings Accounts
Term or Bond Savings Accounts
Guaranteed Equity Savings Account
Frequently Asked Questions
Further help with Savings Accounts

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