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Guide to Savings Accounts

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Guide Contents

Why Save?
Tips to help you start saving
The different types of savings accounts
Instant Access
Regular Savings Account
Notice Accounts
Affinity Savings Accounts
Ethical Savings Accounts and Charity Savings Accounts
Cash ISA's
National Savings & Investments
Children's Savings Accounts
Term or Bond Savings Accounts
Guaranteed Equity Savings Account
Frequently Asked Questions
Further help with Savings Accounts

Why Save?

Whether you are saving with a short term goal in mind, such as a weekend away with friends, or for a long term goal, such as the deposit on your first home, one thing remains the same....we all want our money to work as hard possible whilst it's sat in the bank or building society. Therefore, it needs to be in an account that pays good interest.

Saving makes sense for numerous reasons but one of the main financial reasons is simple; for example, imagine if your car breaks down and the only way to fund its repair is by borrowing money? Credit cards, personal loans and overdrafts are all methods of raising extra capital but this means that you will incur a cost for the privilege of using someone else's money. If you do not have the resources to fund the repair or replacement yourself then these options of borrowing money are available. But it really does make sense to take the time now to evaluate your total income and expenditure and see if there is a way of saving before an issue or event arises. Even if this means putting just a little away each month.

Our on-line budget calculator can help you organise your outgoings, it has the facility to save your details securely enabling you to revisit them at a later date to review or update accordingly. By doing regular budgets it puts you in control of your finances instead of your finances controlling you!

Remember; saving little and often is better than not saving at all!

There is nothing like a little motivation to help focus the mind, so have a reason for saving, a goal to work towards;

  • Holiday
  • Children's education
  • Deposit for a house
  • New car
  • Business venture
  • Retirement
  • Emergency fund
  • Shopping spree

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