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Guide to Retirement Planning

Who can help me with my retirement plan?

An independent financial adviser who is a retirement planner or pension specialist is considered essential when arranging the financial aspects of your retirement plan. Financial advisers can help people planning retirement, and retirees, get the most out of their assets. They will conduct an in-depth analysis of your financial situation and draw up strategies tailored to your individual retirement needs.

As well as advising you and setting up appropriate long term investments and savings, they can provide assistance with:

Just taking small steps towards planning your retirement now can
make a big difference later.

Suitably qualified financial advisers can be located via the Financial Services Authority register or through an independent search site like

There are also a large number of not for profit agencies such as Age UK (previously Age Concern and Help the Aged), the Citizens Advice Bureau, Which?, the UK Government's website and The Consumer Financial Education Body (CFEB), which, along with financial and legal advice, can offer help and assistance with other aspects of your retirement such as:

  • Understanding what state pension and benefits you will be entitled to
  • Making a retirement budget
  • Retrieving frozen or lost pensions
  • Thinking how you'd like spend your time during retirement
  • Finding out about doing paid or voluntary work
  • What sort of activities and hobbies you might be suited to
  • Getting more education during retirement
  • Investigating lifestyle and care options
  • Retiring overseas

There are also an increasing number of online Retirement Planning companies who, for a fee or commission basis, offer a combination of services including financial advice, retirement lifestyle planning, education, relocation and housing services.

Just doing an online search on the subject you are interested in, using specific words such as «working in retirement» or «retiring overseas» will bring up several links for you to investigate. A large number of books and magazines are available on the subject of retirement planning, available through local libraries, book shops and online. These publications are usually a good place to start your research as they cover all aspects of retirement planning in detail.

Use a mixture of books, magazines and online resources to research your retirement needs, then use qualified advisers and agencies to help you put it all together.

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Guide Contents

What is retirement planning?
Why do I need to think about retirement?
What types of things do I need to plan for my retirement?
Who can help me with my retirement plan?
Where can I go to get more help?

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