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Guide to Lasting Power of Attorney

Frequently asked questions about Lasting Power of Attorney

FAQ Power of AttorneyCan both Financial and Health Lasting Power of Attorneys be detailed on one form?

Unfortunately this is not possible. Each Lasting Power of Attorney needs to be detailed on separate forms and registered separately. It is not necessary to have both, it is possible to one or the other or both. There is also a charge for each form which is registered.

FAQ Power of Attorney Is it possible to change the names of the Attorneys once the documentation has been registered?

As long as the Donor is of sound mind it is possible to change the nominated Attorneys. It is usual for the Attorney who is no longer required to be informed and a formal letter and a new document is drawn up to revoke the previous one.

FAQ Power of Attorney Can a married couple have a joint LPA?

As LPA's are personal to each Donor it is a requirement that each person wanting an LPA has their own.

FAQ Power of AttorneyCan a person refuse to act as an Attorney?

Yes, it is possible for a person to refuse to act as an Attorney but this should be done before the documentation is signed and registered. Once the individual has agreed to accept this position and signed the forms they are bound to act accordingly if the need arose, however, if at this point they refuse to act it could end up in as court decision and they may be prosecuted. Taking on the role of Lasting Power of Attorney is a big responsibility and one that should be given much thought and consideration prior to signing the relevant forms.

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Lasting Power of Attorney England and Wales
Lasting Power of Attorney: The paperwork...
Preparing a Donor Statement
Preparing a Certificate Provider Statement
Preparing an Attorneys Statement
Frequently Asked Questions
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