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Guide to Lasting Power of Attorney

Preparing an Attorneys Statement

This part of the documentation contains personal information detailing those people who have been chosen to act as Attorneys for the Donor, none of these people should have been declared bankrupt and should all be over the age of 18. They are to sign the form to state that they fully understand and accept the duties which may occur in the event of the Donor becoming mentally incapacitated. The signing by the attorneys is witnessed and the witnesses are then required sign the document.

An attorney should be a person who will act in your best interest at all times.

The forms are available at no charge from the Office of the Public Guardian, however, there is a charge of £120 payable at the time of registering with the office and once lodged the registration process can take up to 6 weeks, this maybe done immediately after signing or at a later date. Regardless of when the documents are registered, any decision making remains in the hands of the Donor until a time when or if they become mentally incapacitated, it is only at this time that the Lasting Power of Attorney comes into play. It is possible to state that decisions regarding finances maybe passed to the Attorney sooner, such as the management of bills or accounts if the Donor is elderly and would prefer to pass this responsibility over. This isn't the case for the health and welfare of the Donor. Only when the Donor is unable to make decisions regarding his or her own well being will the responsibility be passed to the Attorneys.

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Lasting Power of Attorney England and Wales
Lasting Power of Attorney: The paperwork...
Preparing a Donor Statement
Preparing a Certificate Provider Statement
Preparing an Attorneys Statement
Frequently Asked Questions
Where to go for more help and advice with LPA's

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