Guide to Pet Insurance
Guide to Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance Information FAQ

Pet Insurance FAQQ. Can I change Insurance companies?

A. You are within your rights to change your insurance provider but you should be aware that any existing conditions may not be covered by your new insurer. If you are unhappy with your current insurance company and have tried to resolve any dispute you may have, the industry is regulated by the Financial Ombudsman and you are able to take your grievances to them.

Pet Insurance FAQQ. My dog is 6 years old. Can I still get him insured?

A. You will find that many insurers do not have an age restriction on insuring a pet for the first time. However, those who do set a maximum age limit, it is normally set at 10years old for cats and 7 years old for dogs. Obviously, the older the pet the higher the premium will be, as they are at higher risk of making more visits to the vet and therefore the amount of claims will be greater.

Pet Insurance FAQQ. My excess is £70 and the last vet bill that I received from the vet was only £50. Do I need to complete a claim form?

A. Each time you visit the vet you should complete a claim form as it will be deducted off your excess if your pet was to visit the vet again in the same policy year with the same condition. Make sure that you keep a copy of your receipts and the claim form each time you submit the claim, this way it will be easier to track payments received and claimed for.

Pet Insurance FAQQ. Can you insure a guinea pig?

A. Most Insurers offer insurance to only cats and dogs. However Pet Plan, who is Britain’s largest pet insurer, does offer a wider range of pet insurance. They advertise insurance for dogs, cats, rabbits and exotic pets, so it would be worth while calling their customer advice team and getting a quote.

Pet Insurance FAQQ. Do Insurance companies insist you use vets approved by them?

A. No. Because you are paying your vet and then claiming the money back, the pet insurers are usually quite happy for you to continue using your local qualified vet.

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Pet Insurance Information FAQ
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