Guide to Personal Loans
UK Personal Loans

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You need to be 18 years or over to qualify for a personal loan.

Guide Contents

What are personal loans?
Managing your personal loan
Secured Loans - Unsecured Loans - Types of Loans
Loans Online - Find a loan that suits you
Apply for a loan
Personal Loan - FAQ's
Where can I go to get more personal loan help?

What are Personal Loans?

How do personal loans work?

A lender such as a Bank, Building Society or other financial company agrees to lend you a sum of money - anything from £500 to £25,000 and upwards, and you agree to pay that amount back plus interest, using regular payments over a pre-determined period of time, from between six months and twenty five years. Your loan repayment amounts gradually repay both the amount you've borrowed (the principle) and the interest.

Banks and other lenders will usually need a reason why you require the loan so that they can provide products that suit you. Most personal loans can be used for any legitimate purpose.

Some examples of when you might need a Personal loan are:

  • a holiday
  • a wedding
  • a car
  • home improvements
  • to repay other debts

If you live in Scotland have you considered a Debt Arrangement Scheme

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