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Guide to Pay Day Loans

Apply for a pay day loan

Once you have decided that a pay day loan is the right type of loan and you have chosen a suitable lender it is time to apply. As pay day loans are generally sourced for their fast turn around, online applications lend themselves to this. However, the application process can be done by fax, telephone or in person.

For the purpose of the application you will be required to provide information such as;

  • Full name
  • Residential address and length of time spent living there
  • Age
  • Name of employer
  • Contact details for employer
  • Salary amount
  • Frequency of pay
  • Date of next pay
  • Position held in company
  • Amount of loan required

You may also be asked to tick a box which allows the Lender to perform certain checks to prove identity, employment and past credit rating.

Once this application has been submitted it is possible to receive a reply within minutes. Once approved the funds maybe deposited into your account that very same day or early the day after.

Most pay day loan companies will have a facility which allows you to repay the loan over the next two pay days, if this is more convenient. However, you should remember that interest will accrue, making the cost of borrowing the money more expensive than if the loan was repaid within the first 30 days.

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Guide Contents

What are pay day loans
Shopping around for the best pay day loan
Apply for a pay day loan
Frequently asked questions about pay day loans
Where to get more help and further information about pay day loans

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