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Guide to Pay Day Loans

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Guide Contents

What are pay day loans
Shopping around for the best pay day loan
Apply for a pay day loan
Frequently asked questions about pay day loans
Where to get more help and further information about pay day loans

What are pay day loans?

Pay day loans can offer a quick fix if you are needing funds for an emergency and have no other way of sourcing the money.

Pay day loans are also known as short term cash advanced loans. They are short term loans designed to see you through until the next pay day. This is particularly useful when faced with an unexpected bill or an emergency for example.

With standard personal loans it is common for the application procedure to take up to a few days, whereas a pay day loan can be applied for online and authorised within minutes. Even people with slightly tarnished credit ratings can apply for these short term loans as the lenders are more concerned with proof of regular earnings than past credit history.

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