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Guide to Motor Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

Although the same basic insurance policies, third party, third party fire and theft or comprehensive are used to insure motorcycles, they are classed differently by insurers and packaged under two types of motorcycle insurance cover:

Type of Motorcycle Insurance Description
Specified rider policy Most common type of motorcycle insurance, which covers the rider rather than the bike, allows you to ride any motorcycle up to a particular size. Cost depends on age, experience and skill. Some motorbike insurers enable you to build up no claims discounts depending on the amount you yourself claim as a rider.
Specified bike policy This insurance covers the motorcycle not the rider, if you want to insure multiple people for the same bike. Cost depends on type of bike, i.e. an old bike with not a lot of value will be cheaper. Sometimes you have to name the riders who will use the bike. Any no claims insurance depends on the bike itself not being stolen or involved in an accident.

Puffin Motor Insurance

DID YOU KNOW... Motorcycle insurance premiums are higher than other types of motor insurance because motorcycles are smaller than other road vehicles which makes it harder for other drivers to see them, and therefore are more likely to be hit.

Motorcycle premiums are also higher because of:

  • high theft rates and personal injury claims
  • courts awarding higher compensation payments to victims of accidents
  • NHS policy to pass on costs of treating accident victims back to insurance companies.

Motorcyclists don't have the physical protection of an enclosed vehicle so are also more likely to need extra cover for:

  • personal possessions, for the cost of replacing clothing such as leathers
  • legal expenses, for claims for personal injury or loss of earnings
  • personal accident, to insure against injuries caused directly from an accident
  • added compensation, if you need to spend time in hospital
  • specialist repair and towing equipment for roadside breakdown assistance.

Insuring a motorcycle for use in the centre of a city will also cost more than outside a city. You can reduce your motorcycle insurance costs by:

  • keeping your annual mileage low
  • having a low value bike
  • owning your bike for a long period of time
  • not claiming for a certain amount of time
  • attaching a sidecar permanently to give it more balance and make it more difficult for it to be knocked over.
  • keeping motorcycles in a locked garage overnight and fitting them with added security measures such as alarms or ground anchors.

Some mainstream motor insurers won't insure motorcyclists at all, whilst some will only provide insurance at a very high cost with a lot of restrictions. Young motorcyclists are even more likely to have accidents and therefore find it very hard to get motorcycle insurance, motor insurance companies normally only insure riders over 25 years old, riding smaller bikes. Its a good option to go to specialist motorcycle insurance companies.

Motorcycle insurance companies are set up to cater specifically for bikers. They are usually staffed by people who are bikers themselves and know the motorcycle insurance business, which means you get helpful and expert advice. They are likely to be able to cover all types of motorcycles and scooters. A motorcycle insurance broker can also help you find the right insurance. You can explain your needs to them, and they attempt to arrange the lowest cost insurance that fully covers your needs. They help you get a fuller overview of the market, and can save you time too.

Many motorcycle insurance companies have an online enquiry service for you to request a quote, even allowing you to apply for insurance online at the same time. Others will get back to you within 48 hours with a quote, or you can call them.

Puffin Motor InsuranceSome specialist motorcycle insurance companies also offer auxiliary services that support motorcyclists, for example:

  • personal loans to help you buy the bike
  • motorcycle lessons to help you become a better biker
  • breakdown services with specialist motorbike repair crews
  • bike manufacturer insurance, likely to be more specific to your bike

When looking for motorcycle insurance quotes, think carefully about what you want to be covered for, every rider is different; there are a wide range of schemes that can be tailored for you, your bike, and the way you wish to use it.

It is important to research the market and get as many quotes as possible to find the most appropriate, best value deal. Some motorcycle insurance companies may give you a no claims bonus, and for a small fee, offer protection for that no claims bonus. However, not many insurance companies actually offer no claims bonuses for motorcycle insurance.

Riding a bike without insurance is breaking the law, but also if you are involved in a crash in which someone else is hurt, they have the right to sue you, which could cost thousands of pounds once it's gone through the courts, so having the appropriate motorcycle insurance is a very good idea!

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