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Guide to Motor Insurance

Why should I consider a more comprehensive motor insurance policy?

Apart from having to be insured by law there are several other very good reasons to have comprehensive motor insurance. Taking out more than just the basic motor insurance required by law provides you with more comprehensive cover for all of the risks associated with using a vehicle.

Perhaps you may need to replace your vehicle if it has been deemed to be unroadworthy or need repairs if damage occurs to it.

Other situations where additional motor insurance can protect you are:

When you.... You should know that........
Hire a car Hire car rental agreements only cover collision damage waiver (CDW) and theft, a car hire excess is payable if a rental car is damaged or stolen. Additional Car Hire Excess insurance is available from most vehicle insurers and will pay your car hire excess in the event of a claim and also cover damage to windscreens, windows, mirrors, the roof, undercarriage and tyres which are not usually covered in standard rental agreement insurance.
Drive Abroad While most UK insurance will provide the minimum level of cover legally required in Europe, Ireland, Wales or Scotland, having additional breakdown insurance will cover vehicle recovery and replacement costs and repatriation of the vehicle. Inform your insurer before you drive abroad. Your motor insurance company should give you a green card to prove you and your vehicle meet local motor insurance requirements, which is internationally recognised.
Own a Camper Van You are combining your vehicle and your home which can double the risk of loss. You may need additional contents insurance to provide cover for things that don't fall into the category of ‘fixtures and fittings'.
If you're involved in an accident where people or property is damaged, you may have to pay £1000's compensation.

You have made a financial investment when you buy a car, motorcycle or other motor vehicle, and that investment needs to be protected. Your legal obligations when you use a vehicle on public roads are also extensive, so it pays to get as much insurance cover as you can afford!

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Guide Contents

What is motor insurance cover?
Why should I consider a more comprehensive motor insurance policy?
What are the different policy types of UK motor insurance?
Motorcycle insurance
What you can do to get the cheapest motor insurance premiums
Low cost motor insurance premiums by shopping around
Applying for a motor insurance policy
Motor Insurance Information - FAQ
Where can I go to get more motor insurance advice

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