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Guide Contents

To Buy or to Rent
What is the process of getting a mortgage in England?
Getting mortgages in Scotland
The cost of buying a house
Different types of mortgages
Self Certified mortgage
Apply for a mortgage
Mortgage FAQ
Where to get more mortgage help

To Buy or to Rent

Owning your own home is a massive investment and commitment which isn’t ideal for everyone.

Buying a house Renting a house
Can be a great investment, when you have finished paying the mortgage on the property you can live rent/mortgage free. Living without mortgage or rent repayments is especially advantageous when you retire. Paying rent on a pension can be a struggle.
Selling your property can take several months depending upon the market, so make sure you want to live in that house in that area before making a commitment. Able to move relatively easily, subject to your Tenancy agreement.
The upkeep and maintenance is your responsibility. The maintenance is the responsibility of the Landlord.
Over time your property will tend to increase in value. The property that you are paying monthly for is never yours, but it is relatively hassle free.
Owning your own home is a massive investment & commitment!

If you are considering purchasing your own property, take a look at our mortgage repayment calculator to see how much you can afford, and how this compares to the rent payments you are making to your Landlord.

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