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Guide to Mobile Phone Insurance
Mobile Phone Insurance

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Guide Contents

What is mobile insurance cover?
Does everyone need insurance for mobile phones?
What are the different types of UK mobile phone insurance?
Where to buy mobile phone insurance
Apply for mobile phone insurance?
Mobile phone insurance information - FAQ
More mobile phone insurance help

What is Mobile Phone Insurance Cover?

Mobile phone insurance cover refers to a type of insurance which is available to protect your mobile, iPhone or PDA in the event it is lost, stolen or accidentally damaged, either in the UK or overseas.

Similar insurance is also available for media players such as Ipods and MP3 players and also satellite navigation devices.

You generally need to be over 16 years old (in some cases 18 years) to get mobile insurance and need to be a permanent UK resident.

Your phone also usually needs to be less than 6 months old (with a valid proof of purchase) and insurers may not insure your mobile if it is already covered under another type of insurance for example your home insurance.

Mobile insurance cover can be taken out on a monthly or annual basis paid by direct debit or in some cases by credit card, some insurers offer an automatic renewal service when the policy expires.

This booklet looks at the different types of mobile insurance available and things you should think about when deciding whether you need it, to help you to make an informed decision.

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