Guide to Landlord Insurance
Guide to Landlord Insurance

Landlord Liability Insurance

Supposing a tenant had a fall on the stair case, it was later found that the fall had been caused by some loose carpet which the tenants had reported the previous week. This incident would possibly end in a liability claim against the landlord.

How would you fund any liability claims, medical expenses, ambulance costs, etc? This is where the Liability part of the Landlord Insurance comes into play.

If the policy includes liability insurance then cover is provided for the Landlord in case of any liability claims made due to injuries or damage caused to tenants, visitors or their belongings due to a fault at the property.

How would you fund any liability claims, medical expenses or ambulance costs? This is where Landlord Liability Insurance comes into play.

Landlord Liability insurance provides cover to cater for legal fees, ambulance costs, medical expenses and awards which maybe offered to the claimant by the courts.

Of course, just because a tenant has an accident whilst at your property it doesn’t necessarily mean that you, as the Landlord, will be held liable. But if you were found to be liable, this insurance will prove to be invaluable!


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