Guide to Landlord Insurance
Guide to Landlord Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions about Landlord Insurance

FAQ Landlord InsuranceDo all policies include Landlord Contents insurance?

No, Landlord Insurance is made up of a variety of insurance types. These policies can be tailor made to suit. Many Landlords let property out unfurnished and in these instances there is no need for Contents Insurance.

FAQ Landlord InsuranceIs there insurance to protect against loss of rent?

Yes, most Landlord insurance policies include loss of rent. It provides cover in the event of the tenants leaving prior to the end of their agreed contracted date and failing to make the required payments or if the property was to suffer an incident, such as fire, which made it inhabitable.

It does not cover times in between tenants ie; those periods when advertising is taking place in order to find a suitable tenant.

FAQ Landlord InsuranceDoes the policy remain valid if there are no tenants in the property for a period of time?

Most insurance companies will allow the policy to remain in force for a specified period of time whilst advertising for suitable tenants. This time period will vary amongst insurers so it is advisable to contact the insurer and discuss this with them.

FAQ Landlord InsuranceAre Insurance providers regulated?

Yes, anyone who sells insurance must be registered with the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Their website holds an online registere of all insurers who are licensed to sell insurance.


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