Guide to Landlord Insurance
Guide to Landlord Insurance

Landlord Contents Insurance

This type of insurance will not be necessary for many landlords as the majority of homes are let unfurnished. However, if there are some personal belongings which are to remain in the house whilst tenants occupy the premises, Landlord Contents Insurance may be something worth considering.

Landlord Contents Insurance offers cover for items such as furniture, white ware and carpets (wooden flooring and laminate flooring is commonly listed within the Buildings insurance policy). Many insurers will replace new items for the old ones which have been damaged but this is worth checking with the insurer before making any commitment to the policy.

All insurance policies will have certain exclusions. Make sure you are fully aware what these are before committing to it.

The important thing to remember with this insurance policy is it does not provide any cover for any personal belongings which belong to tenants. They will be required to provide their own insurance, if desired.


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