Guide to Landlord Insurance
Guide to Landlord Insurance

Landlord Building Insurance

Landlord Building Insurance is part of the overall Landlord Insurance package. This part of the policy generally works in the same way as a residential household building insurance policy. It provides cover to replace or rebuild the insured property against damage caused by fire, floods or subsidence.

Often when it comes to purchasing Building Insurance, it will be necessary to have a valuation inspection conducted on the property. This will help the insurer assess how much the property would cost to be rebuilt due to extensive damage such as fire, flooding or subsidence.

If you are renting your property to tenants, normal residential building insurance is not suitable.
Landlord Building Insurance may be a requirement of a lender if there is a mortgage attached to the property.

The cost of rebuild is often mistaken with the property’s value. The two figures are very different and shouldn’t be confused.

This insurance can be purchased as part of Landlord insurance package, alternatively it can be purchased as an individual insurance product. Before making any commitment to a policy, it is worth seeing what a complete Landlord insurance package has to offer as they are often sold at a lower premium than if you were to purchase all the policies separately.


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