Guide to Landlord Insurance
Guide to Landlord Insurance

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The market place is swamped with companies offering insurances of many different types. Landlord insurance has become increasingly common as more and more people decide to invest in property.

Because of this, the premiums for this type of insurance are highly competitive.

Where to start? The Internet is always a good place to start looking for any sort of insurance. It provides a bench mark to compare the different premiums and often lists inclusions on the policy.

With most insurance policies, you can tailor them to suit your requirements.

The high street is another place where it is easy to find an array of insurers stumbling over themselves for your business but if you want to take the leg work out of finding the best deal which is the most suitable for you and your situation then you can always turn to a broker or an independent financial adviser. They will search the market and find the most appropriate insurer. Obviously this service will come at a price so check fees first.

When comparing policies it is important to check the exclusions as well as the inclusions such as:

  • Is liability cover included and how much cover is provided?
  • Is the building cover included and how much cover is provided?
  • Is cover included for contents and how much cover is provided?
  • Is there an excess payable when making a claim and how much is the excess?
  • What are the exclusions?

When it comes to applying for your insurance be prepared to have a valuation report completed on your property, this helps the insurer list the value to rebuild the property if necessary. The insurer will also want to know the property’s postal address and the type of tenants you will be letting the property to, all of these factors will have an effect on the premium calculation.

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