Guide to Landlord Insurance
Guide to Landlord Insurance

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Landlord Insurance
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Landlord Insurance

What is Landlord insurance?

Unlike standard household buildings and contents insurance, Landlord insurance consists of a variety of insurances which aim to cover most of the requirements and insurance needs of landlords. The package can often be tailored to suit you and your property.

Although it is not a legal requirement, Landlord insurance is usually very comprehensive and is definitely worth considering. General building and contents insurance will not pay out if a claim is made and it is found that tenants are occupying the property in question.

Landlord insurance offers cover for the building and any contents which belong to the Landlord, but more importantly it is able to offer cover against loss of rent and liability claims made by tenants or employees such as cleaners who are exclusively employed by you.

Throughout this guide we take a look at the most common components which make up most Landlord Insurance policies.

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