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Guide to Protection Insurance in the UK

Download the Mortgage and Income Protection PDF Guide here - see our other free PDF guides here

Guide Contents

Protection Insurance Plans
What is a mortgage payment protection insurance (MPPI)?
What is income protection insurance or permanent health insurance - PHI?
Different types of income protection cover
Where to get your insurance cover
Applying for your Mortgage Protection Plan or your Income Protection Plan
Income Protection Plan - Mortgage Protection Plan FAQ
Where to get further help on mortgage protection advice


Mortgage & Income Protection Insurance Plans

Income Protection ThoughtLife is full of surprises! For this reason, it is important to think about and plan for as many eventualities as possible to secure their future, and insurance is a tool that helps us do that.

In this booklet we look at the insurance protection that is offered by Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPPI) plans and Income Protection Plans, also known as Permanent Health Insurance (PHI).

A 25 year old man has a 33% chance of being disabled and unable to work for three months or more.

Think about that and having some sort of income protection becomes a very good idea.

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