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Shopping around for a Pre Paid Funeral Plan

Before purchasing any plans, check what cover you already have. Some life insurance policies allow for funeral costs.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans are becoming increasingly popular and are being offered by many Funeral Directors and Insurance companies as well as Specialised Funeral Plan companies.

Most companies offer plans without any medicals and to people over the age of 50.

When it comes to purchasing a Funeral Plan, shopping around to ensure you get the right policy is essential. Below is a list of some of the important factors to consider.

Consider the following..... Comments
The cost of the policy How much do you have to pay, what is included in the plan and if you decide to pay on a direct debit how long do you have to pay the premiums for.
The flexibility of the plan Are you able to upgrade or alter the plan at a later date? Maybe you would like to provide a limousine to follow the hearse.
What would happen if you died abroad How does the plan work if death occurred abroad? Or in another part of the UK?
What funeral directors are available under the plan? Do you have to use a specific funeral director?
Is the company registered with the Funeral Planning Authority or the National Association of Funeral Directors? Companies registered with either of Funeral Bodies have to adhere to a professional code of conduct along with protecting the monies taken for a funeral plan.
What happens if you decide to cancel the plan? With some plans all monies paid will be lost if the plan is cancelled. Others will refund payments less an administration fee.

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What are Pre Paid Funeral Plans?
Shopping around for a Pre Paid Funeral Plan
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