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Funeral Plan Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Funeral PlanQ. What if the Funeral Director is no longer trading at the time of death?

A. If you are purchasing a plan through a Funeral Plan Company, ensure they are registered with the Funeral Planning Authority or the National Association of Funeral Directors. These regulatory bodies ensure that any money taken for a Funeral plan is safeguarded. This means that the funds will be available for use with an alternative Funeral Director.

FAQ Funeral PlanQ. Do I need to discuss the Plan with close family?

A. It is essential that a member of your immediate family or a close friend is aware of the plan you have paid into, details of the plan could be kept with your will. In the event of death, the next of kin or other nominated member will be required to contact the company who provided the plan and quote the policy number. This then activates the plan.

FAQ Funeral PlanQ. Once I have paid for the plan, what happens if I change my mind?

A. This depends on the flexibility of the plan. Some plans will refund the premiums paid less an administration fee, whereas others will not refund any money paid. It is important that you check this before proceeding with any plan. See our list of things to consider (link to shopping around for a funeral plan.)

FAQ Funeral PlanQ. What happens if the policy holder dies before all the premiums are paid?

A. If the premium is not paid in full at time of death, the outstanding balance will need to be paid by the next of kin for the plan to remain valid.

FAQ Funeral PlanQ. Are burials available on funeral plans?

A. Yes. Most companies will have set packages which are available with the option of adding to them or taking some items off the plan.

FAQ Funeral PlanQ. Is it possible to have a joint funeral plan?

A If you decide to have a joint funeral plan, in many instances the plan will be activated and applied to the first death only. However, you could decide to take out the same plan and complete two applications, this way the funeral costs for both individuals will be covered.

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