Guide to Pre Paid Funeral Plans
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What are Pre Paid Funeral Plans?
Shopping around for a Pre Paid Funeral Plan
Funeral Plan Frequently Asked Questions
Where to get more information about Funeral Bonds

What are Pre Paid Funeral Plans?

Pre-paid Funeral plans, also known as Funeral Bonds and Pre-arranged Funeral Plans, are policies which enable individuals to plan and pay for their funeral in advance of their death.

The plans allow individuals to take control over their own funeral and even personalise the occasion. By purchasing a Pre-paid Funeral Plan much of the decision making and organising which is often left to the next of kin at this incredibly difficult time is removed.

Many companies who supply these plans will be able to offer a variety of packages to choose from.

There are options which enable you to choose things such as:

  • the coffin type
  • flowers
  • the type of cars and how many
  • readings
  • the style of the service
  • hymns
Pre-paid Funeral Plans ensure that you get the funeral you want!

Once the details have been chosen you can then make the payment in full or by instalments.

Many Pre-paid Funeral Plans are designed to be a fixed price plan, this means that once you have agreed to a policy the price will be fixed and not subject to change due to inflation. So by organising your funeral today your loved ones could save pounds in the future.

With the average funeral costing approximately £2500 and Mintel Funeral Business Reports predicting increases that could spiral to a staggering £4000 by 2015, purchasing a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan begins to make good sense!

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