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Employers Liability Insurance - Frequently Asked Questions

ute the claim and not pay compensation?

Obviously as an employer you still have the legal obligation of providing a healthy and safe environment for employees to work in, this includes giving the relevant safety training, providing the appropriate equipment for the task etc.

However, according to the Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969.

Your insurer cannot refuse to pay compensation purely because:

  • you have not provided reasonable protection for your employees against injury or disease
  • you cannot provide certain information to the insurer
  • you have done something they told you not to do (for example, said it was your fault)
  • you have not done something they told you to do (for example, report the incident)
  • you have not met any legal requirement connected with protection of your employees

FAQ Travel InsuranceIf a business is made of multiple shops does each premises require its own insurance policy?

If your business is made up of multiple parts; ie one business which has 5 shops, one Employers’ Liability Insurance Certificate will cover all. The main thing here is to ensure the amount of liability cover is adequate.

FAQ Travel InsuranceIs Employers’ Liability Insurance required for family businesses?

No, a business which employs solely family members is not legally required to hold the insurance.



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