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Guide to Commercial Vehicle Insurance

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Commercial Vehicle Insurance
Finding competitive Commercial Vehicle Insurance
Buying Commercial Vehicle Insurance
Frequently asked questions about Commercial Vehicle Insurance
Where to get more help and advice about Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Here in the UK it has been a legal requirement since the 1930’s to hold a valid vehicle insurance certificate when using a motor vehicle on public roads. The purpose of vehicle often dictates the type of insurance cover which is necessary.

The majority of road users in the UK are insured by a private car insurance policy which provides cover for social and domestic use of the vehicle as well as travel to and from the place of work.

A commercial vehicle insurance policy is slightly different from a private car insurance policy as it provides cover for vehicles used primarily for business purposes such as transporting goods or passengers. These activities are not usually covered on a private motor vehicle insurance

When using a vehicle for business purposes, it is imperative that it has appropriate insurance.

Commercial vehicle insurance works in a similar way to private vehicle insurance in the sense that there are different levels of cover such as third party, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive policies available. One of the main differences is that commercial policies provide a greater amount of liability cover, this can be tailored to suit specific requirements at the time of application.

Throughout this guide we take a closer look at how commercial vehicle insurance works and how to find the best commercial vehicle insurance for your company.

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