Guide to Commercial Loans
Commercial Loans

Applying for the best Commercial Loan

Once a suitable lender has been found an application will be required to be submitted in order for an approval to be given. It is common for lenders to require a full set of up to date accounts and a business plan which outlines what uses the funds will be put to if the application is successful.

It is important not to hide any information at this stage as it will probably be uncovered later and will only cause suspicion. Be totally open about the business and it’s accounts.

Make sure that all the required documentation is present before submitting the application. Once the application and supporting material has been lodged it is possible to have a decision within a matter of days, and the funds available shortly after.

If a main stream high street lender is being used it is common for them to have a specialist business adviser who will help with the application process. An appointment is often required for this type of meeting.


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Commercial Loans
How do Commercial Loans work?
Secured Commercial Loans and Unsecured Commercial Loans
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Applying for the best Commercial Loan
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