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Business Vehicle Insurance

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Business Vehicle Insurance
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Business Vehicle Insurance

Since 1930 it has been a legal requirement, within the UK, to provide insurance for any motor vehicle which is driven in public places. Although this law has since been replaced by the Road Traffic Act of 1988 this requirement still remains.

Insurance providers offer a range of insurance products starting with the most basic cover known as Third Party Only. This insurance provides cover against injuries or damages to a third person and their property. It does not have any provision to compensate the policy holder for any losses they may incur. There is also an option to extend this policy to include Fire and Theft, this cover protects the policy holder against damage to their vehicle caused by fire or theft.

Alternatively, the most popular insurance product for those with higher monetary valued vehicles is that known as Fully Comprehensive Insurance. This product provides cover for damage to the policy holder, the vehicle and the third party and their property. It is designed to to provide enough funds to return all injured parties and their property to their original state before the incident occurred.

Using your vehicle for commercial use? You may need to purchase commercial or business vehicle insurance.

All of the above policy levels are available for both private and business vehicle insurance, also known as commercial motor insurance. Once the desired level of cover has been decided, it is important to realise that if the motor vehicle is to be used for commercial purposes, private vehicle insurance is not usually valid. This is where Business or Commercial Vehicle Insurance steps in.

In this guide we will be looking at the different types of Vehicle Insurance which are available for business use, its attributes and how to get the best business vehicle insurance policy to suit your business.

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