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Business Grants

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Business Grants
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Business Grants

Setting up a business often requires a great deal of initial financial outlay. There is an array of help available for businesses within the UK, ranging from help and advice to practical training and financial assistance. Throughout this guide we will be considering the help which is offered via a business grant.

Grants are made available for a number of reasons and by a variety of sources such as Government Departments, Regional Development Agencies, National Lottery funds and the European Union to name but a few. All grants, whatever organisation is offering them, come with restrictions and conditions attached and if these conditions are breached the grant is often required to be repaid in full.

Applying for a grant is by no means an easy option. There is usually a very detailed application procedure.

The reason why grants are available vary. It is obviously advantageous for the government to encourage the creation and success of new businesses in order to maintain a healthy economy, there are also certain industries and specific areas which some organisations wish to support, therefore they offer a grant facility to encourage this.

Most grants are offered as a percentage of the required funds. The remainder of the funds are then to be raised by the entrepreneur which hopefully gives them a vested interest, encouraging a great desire to succeed.

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